Brandy J. Flynn

Mental Health Counselor, Educator, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur

Enterprising, Dedicated, and Knowledgeable, Brandy J. Flynn is a luminary committed to empowering our communities to be resilient and transparent as it relates to mental illness. Brandy's choice of work stems from her deeply rooted desire to build awareness about mental illness and making it a topic that everyone should care about. She has been in the counseling field for over a decade and has a growing private practice and mental health concierge service. Flynn is a graduate of Jackson State University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and her Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies from The University of Memphis. Beyond her private practice and her organization, Breaking the Barriers of Mental Health, Brandy J. Flynn is a sought after public speaker for many colleges  across the map. She counsels athletic departments and student athletes about mental health toughness. She is a former radio host and columnist. In addition, she has become a featured series regular therapist on TV One's  Thou Shall  Not and For My Man.  Her service to the mental health community has awarded her a 2014 Best in Black award for Best Counseling and Consulting Service and she was a 2015 Woman of Excellence Honoree.​​

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have Brandy J. Flynn speak at your next event or to your students. She is a dynamic speaker that will surely relate to your audience. 

    Breaking the Barriers of Mental Health
  2. Counseling
    Brandy J. Flynn Counseling, Consulting and Mental Health Concierge Services are available for your home, place of business or via Skype.
  3. Sports&Ent
    Customized mental training and sports psychology services for coaches, athletes, parents of all ages and skill levels are offered. She teaches mental skills.
  4. Book Brandy J. Flynn
    Book Brandy J. Flynn
    Brandy J. Flynn's work has afforded her opportunities to be a guest correspondent on various radio shows,guest blogger for several websites, and contributor to an array of magazines.
Press and Media Inquiries

Brandy J. Flynn is available for press - Please email [email protected]